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Provider of all kinds of stretch film products.

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Petroplast Company has more than three decades of proud activity in the field of trading polymer raw materials used in plastic industries of the country.
Petroplast Trading Company, as the flagship of this field in Iran, annually exports more than 50,000 tons of different types of petrochemical and polymer products to Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, etc.

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    Petroplast products

    All kinds of stretch films are produced in Petroplast company.

    Petroplast products

    Hand use stretch film

    Petroplast products

    power stretch

    Petroplast products

    super power stretch

    Export products to the following countries

    Why Petroplast?!

    Petroplast Industrial Group, with several years of experience in the production of stretch film products and exports to more than 10 countries, has always benefited from the high quality of its products and the satisfaction of domestic and foreign customers.

    The products of Petroplast Industrial Group are made from first-class raw materials and have high quality.

    The products of Petroplast Industrial Group have a high diversity.

    • Hand use stretch
    • power stretch
    • super power stretch
    • max power stretch

    The final version of the products produced by Petroplast Industrial Group has high quality and first class.


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