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super power stretch film


The packaging industry is one of the most important industries that it can be claimed that almost all workshops and production factories depend on it, because various industries need their packaging to supply their products to the market. One of the best options used for packaging goods is stretch film. Stretch film is one of the types of packaging plastics that has properties such as elasticity, adhesion and transparency, and is used for packaging all kinds of products. It can be used.

Stretch film production

Stretch film is a polymer product that is used to package and secure products when they are placed in the warehouse or when they are sent to the desired location. This cover also protects the packaged items against dust, possible spillage and damage. protects the environment. Stretch means elastic and this shows the elasticity of this product and it can be tightly wrapped around the desired product. This method is a very good alternative to the old packaging methods and with its help, the goods can be secured at a lower cost, stronger and easier than the traditional methods. The production of high-quality stretch film requires attention to the factors that We will examine them.

thickness The thickness of stretch nylon is usually between 10 and 50 microns.

Number of layers: Stretch film is often produced in multiple layers to increase the final quality of work and improve the mechanical capabilities of nylon.

Stickiness: A good stretch film should have a balanced adhesion to wrap around the product well to create strong packaging.

Elasticity: The minimum stretchability of stretch films should be up to 300% so that, in addition to being cost-effective, they do not tear during the stretching process. These films can stretch to several times their original dimensions without any damage or tearing.

Stretch Film application packing

There are different types of stretch film packaging and each of them is used for packaging specific products. for example:

Stretch pallet strap: It is used for palletizing and final packaging of goods produced in factories so that the products are not damaged during transportation until they reach their destination.

Dietary stretch: It is used to package food products for the purpose of hygiene, maintaining freshness and increasing their shelf life.

Stretch fodder: They are used in animal husbandry and agriculture to prevent direct sunlight and increase the lifespan of fodder.

Airport stretch: It is used to pack bags, sacks, suitcases and other cargo of passengers to protect them from environmental pollution and prevent them from opening due to relatively strong pressures and shocks during transportation. Usually in offices. Shipping and freight services may also use this type of stretch to protect cartons, boxes, and postal packages during transit so that the goods reach the recipient safely.

Stretch sofa: In order to protect the crown of the sofa and the fabric, it is used in furniture production workshops to prevent dust from penetrating into the fabric and to avoid stains on the fabric.

Stretch film customization

Stretch rolls can be produced in the dimensions, thickness and color desired by the customer. Also, at the customer's request, anti-UV and anti-static properties can be added to the stretch film. The anti-UV additive is against the sun's ultraviolet rays and increases It is used for resistance and durability against sunlight. The antistatic additive has anti-static ability and is added to the stretch film to prevent dust absorption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the daily changes in the price of petrochemical light polyethylene plastic raw materials, please contact the sales unit for information on the price of the products or refer to the daily price section of nylon stretch pallet band.

Due to the stretching and deformation of these films during use, this feature is not possible.

It is possible to produce this product in the customer's desired color, but it is the most popular transparent color and after that Black color It accounts for the largest share.

The stretch film is used both manually and with the stretch pallet machine. The method of use is also that if the number of pallets is small, for example less than ten pallets per day, a manual system can be used to stretch the pallet. But for larger numbers, it is recommended to use stretch pallet machine.

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